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La Promenade

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Talk about a quick trip, oh my stars. I was skeptical of all I had on my plate for these six days (four days if you count the two days for travel), but I did it and boy, does it feel good to be home with my guy, my pups, and the crew! The meet-and-greets, sight-seeing, and shopping were all fantastic, but for me, there’s truly no place like home! Being that I was determined to pack light and travel with only my carry-on for this short trip, I had to be strategic in my outfit and knitting plans! Because I love (need!) having a cowl or shawl around my neck at all times (really, I do!), and had limited space to pack my favorites, I opted for my new La Promenade Cowl. Let me tell you, it was the perfect travel companion. Feather light, lofty and airy, I wore it nearly everywhere. Walking here, there and everywhere – La Promenade was my constant companion through it all and, of course, accompanied me while scouring the flea market, visiting Lil’ Weasel and site seeing in Paris. I am so excited to be able to finally share with you the latest Plucky pattern and my new favorite and so very versatile cowl, La Promenade! Mine is knit with three skeins of Plucky Spiffy in Grumpy Old Sailor, and is approximately 25.5” wide (51” total circumference) and is about 30” long. These slightly over-sized dimensions are one of my most favorite (and important!) things about this cowl. It positively floats! La Promenade is written for our Spiffy sport weight yarn, and showcases it’s unique structure and loftiness. Between the pattern dimensions, stitch pattern and the unique qualities of Spiffy, it creates a cowl that is light as air yet substantial enough to provide the cover and structure I adore in my heavier favorites! La Promenade may certainly be knit in (and be just as lovely!) Cashmere, Traveler, or Primo Sport for a cowl with a little bit more “umph”. As with any yarn substitution, just be mindful that the fiber content of the yarn you choose will alter the final drape and structure of your finished knit. 



La PromenadeLa PromenadeLa PromenadeLa Promenade


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