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Cashmere Perle

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Cashmere… I just can’t get enough of it! Held single, double, even triple, it’s just amazing! The idea for this cowl, was to create a shape that simply slips over your head and hugs your neck with luxury, while the stitch pattern mimics a strand of pearls. Within this pattern you’ll find that the yarn is held double throughout and the needle size changes as you knit, creating a fabric that is squishy yet has just the right amount of drape. Many other Plucky yarns will work fabulously with this pattern as well; Snug Worsted, Primo Aran, or Traveler Aran can be held singly. Or you can mix bases too, like perhaps, Traveler Sport and Primo Fingering, Bello Worsted and Sophisticate, or Primo Worsted and Oxford, just to name a few!  



Cashmere PerleCashmere PerleCashmere Perle


Wondering what to knit with your Plucky?! We are delighted to partner with talented designers to offer a variety of patterns reflecting their personal aesthetics and style viewpoints, as well as our own Plucky designs.



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