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Welcome To Our New Home!

Welcome To Our New Home!

We’re Excited to Show You Around!

This little corner of the web we call home wouldn’t be what it is without the support of each and every one of you.  

From the beginning, our goal has been to create a place where you feel welcome, while at the same time providing an environment that lets your creative side thrive. With the help of your insights from our most recent survey, we have strived to preserve everything you’ve come to know and love about Plucky, all while making it much easier to shop.

We’d like to express the overwhelming amount of appreciation and gratitude we have for your stories, positivity, and feedback, and we can’t wait for you to take a look around and settle into our new home here on the web!


Ready for the Highlights?

Our Homepage
Looking for a quick and easy way to see the latest from Plucky? Head on over to our home page to find out about yarn bases, colorways, patterns and the Plucky shopping experience!

An Easier Way to Sort
Sort or search our catalog by colorway, base, or pattern!


Our Ready-For-You online shop offers a variety of yarns ready for purchasing 24/7! You’ll find a specially curated, limited-edition collection of colors on a variety of our most popular bases in different weights, which will be refreshed seasonally. In addition, there are sure to be surprise listings “from our stash to yours” featuring other bases and colorways from our extensive catalog.

I’m so excited to introduce our Summer 2019 Collection, available now and only in Ready-For-You! I created this palette to highlight some of the things I love most about the Summer months. Fresh-cut peonies from the farmer’s market, trips to a favorite beach, and linen shirts, dresses and suits, just to name a few. I hope you enjoy this new collection as much as I did creating it, and, that it provides endless inspiration for all of your project needs!

Summer 2019 Collection! 
Now Available in Our Ready-For-You Section!

For our first seasonal curated collection, we are delighted to bring you this
cohesive radiant palette that we think perfectly embodies all the Summer feels! Happy knitting!!

Tea Party: Bright pinks, tomato reds, subtle mauve, pops of yellow and orange all on a creamy base. Pair with Sugar Ribbon and Fawn All Over.
Northport: Deep blues and scummy greens, along with a hint of turquoise on a creamy base. Pair with Greensleeves and Summer Suit.
Fawn All Over: A medium shade of a gray leaning brown. Lovely with Summer Suit, Greensleeves, and Pout It Out, or, pair it with Sugar Ribbon and Tea Party for an option that pops.
Summer Suit: A gorgeous blue-green, light to medium tone without being a pastel. A shade or two lighter than Social Graces. Pair with Northport, and Greensleeves for a three-color set. Pair with Fawn All Over and Pout It Out for a summery feel. Pair with Sugar Ribbon for a bit of a vintage vibe.
Greensleeves: Medium to dark scummy green with a yellow undertone. Pair with Northport and Summer Suit for a subtle palette. Pair with Pout It Out and Peony for a palette with a little kick.
Sugar Ribbon: A medium-toned peachy-orange. Think a less
saturated Henley. Adds a little kick without being overbearing. Pairs nicely with
Tea Party and Fawn All Over. Pair with Summer Suit for a bit of a retro vibe.
Pout It Out: A light peachy Summer pink with cool undertones. Pairs nicely
with Peony and Greensleeves. Pair it with Summer Suit and Fawn All Over for
a softer palette.
Peony: Variegated shades of scummy greens and soft peachy pink with a kick of neon pink and deeper bits of reddish pink all on a creamy white base. Pair with Greensleeves and Pout It Out, or, let it shine all on its own!


This exclusive, dyed-to-order line offers pre-order opportunities. Dyed-For-You sales are held at various announced times, but, most frequently over weekends to allow our customers in multiple time zones the opportunity to hop online and purchase during these limited-edition shopping opportunities. Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletters and follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date with announcements.

More Exciting Features:

  • Improved Checkout Experience and Account Page Overview
  • Gift Cards will work online and during popup events such as Knit Night!

Coming Soon:

  • A new subscription program, how-to tips and tricks, and much more!

Thank you again for joining us as we venture into this new shopping experience and, as always, we're happy to help you! If you have any questions, please reference our FAQ or email us at customer service and we will do our best to serve you.


Hayley and the Crew


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