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Weekend Update | Gradients!

Weekend Update | Gradients!
It's Time To Get Your Gradients On!!!
You’ve been asking, and it's finally time. That’s right…Gradients are back!!!  And, this offering is the most exciting yet, if we do say so ourselves.  Not only will you be able to get the individual colors within each set on their own in whatever quantity you wish, each full gradient set will be available at 15% off across the bases!  What does this mean?!  Do you want a certain set but need an extra skein of one of the colorways for a project?  Done.  Do you love colors 1, 3, and 5 in a set for that special knit you’ve been eyeing?  Done.  Are you obsessed with one colorway in a set and must have a SQ right now?  Done.  You can even mix and match colors from set to set!  OMG!!! 

Learn more about our Gradients: 

Shown above in gradient set Peek O' Blue.

Shown above in gradient set Bing.


Shown above in numbers 6, 3, and 1, of gradient set Pink-ing Of You.


Shown above in gradient set Ship Shape - pattern is Stevie.


Colors Available:

Need a little pattern inspiration?!  Here’s a list of great patterns that we think would be perfect:

Boogie Woogie Wrap
Center Lane 
Fab Five Mittens 
Fade In To View 
Fade It! Sideways 
Leftover Faded Mitts 
Moon Sisters 
So Faded Pint Sized 
The Beverly



THE BEVERLY:  Knit in gradient set Bing in base Halo and gradient set Snuggle Up in base Solo.


CENTER LANE:  Knit in gradient set Peek O' Blue in base Halo


STEVIE:  Knit in gradient set Ice Cream Social held with color Gris both in base Primo Fingering.


TROUPE:  Knit in gradient set Shaken Not Stirred in base Primo Sport


 gradient set Snuggle Up in base Bello.


Base List:
Bello DK
• Halo
Primo DK
Primo Fingering
Solo DK

Helpful Information:
•  Please join us in the
DFY shop starting Friday, August 9th at Noon EDT and going through Monday, August 12th, while supplies last.
• Orders placed will ship the week of September 9th. Once an update begins to ship, it may take 4 business days for all orders to leave the Plucky barn.
• Due to the number of colorways offered, we will not be able to grant wishes for additional bases or colorways.
Please Note: If items are ordered from both the
Ready-For-You/Stash listings and this Dyed-For-You offerings, they will ship separately.


We hope you enjoy these colors as we do! To see more, visit our Dyed-For-You Shop!  

Happy Knitting Everybody! 

Hayley and the Crew

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