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whitespace-1inchIs anybody else walking on tip toes, knowing that this fairly mild November weather we are having just can’t last forever? We are getting to that time of year when you jump out of bed in the morning to see if it snowed while you were sleeping! If it did, in fact, snow while you were sleeping you might need a little extra time to shovel off your car! How about a quick…breakfast cookie?!



I’ll bet I am not the only person who thinks cookies, or any form of baked goods, are a good breakfast option! Here’s a recipe that caught my eye (and my sweet tooth). Baking has always brought me pleasure, and I think I’m going to have to give this a try this weekend. Do you have a favorite cookie that can double as a breakfast cookie? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Pumpkin Oat Breakfast Cookies


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These are MUST have socks and I’ve been wearing Bob’s for over a year.  LOL.  They are the perfect “no show sock”, whether you’re wearing ankle boots or your favorite pair of tennies.  AND, they positively stay up on your foot!  The wool properties help with wicking, making them perfect in all sorts of weather.


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tips-arrow-home-usewhitespace-1inchI’ve been knee deep in a few ‘fixer upper’ things going on at my house. Of course, paint plays a big part! The other day, a friend shared a very interesting article about paint colors. This really hit home for me, as we had been sorting through paint choices during our recent remodel project. If you’re like me, you have experienced the disappointment of picking a color in the paint store, only to find that once you apply it at home, it just doesn’t look like it did in the store. Well, here’s why that happens!


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Meteor showers. They are kind of a big deal around here. I’ve always felt that nature has an exceptional way of soothing the soul and clearing the head. With that in mind, next week we are all in for a real treat! The Leonid meteor shower is coming! It’s time to grab your sleeping bags, favorite knitwear, something hot to drink because the show is about to begin!


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Morrison is the latest eye catching design from Cassie Munksgard.  It’s a great knit to ‘mix those bases’ with and the possible color combos are endless!


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Happy weekending!












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