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Hi, sweets! Guess what?! XO is back, yay! We’ve got some fun things to share this week, so let’s get this show on the road!

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Fact: I’m a klutz. Always.have.been. I’ve fallen down my stairs (as recently as Wednesday as a matter of fact. As I type my wrist is bruised and bumpy and my left bum, well, you get the idea), my friends’ stairs, my other friends’ stairs, stairs at the local bank, Walgreens parking lot, here at the barn ….I could go on (and on). Imagine my delight when I stumbled (ha!) across this gem of an article!

70’s food.
Ok, probably not the finest hour in our culinary history, but reading this article took me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen table. Braunschweiger Balls, anyone? Anyone? Yeah, I think I’ll pass, too!


Hayley, Elmer T, and I recently road tripped it across Tennessee from Nashville to Memphis. Our journey brought us fantastic biscuits (and other culinary treats), great music and museums, and a little shopping here and there. Enter, the denim shacket. How did I not know that this was completely missing from my life?!


I have big plans this weekend, and they pretty much involve me and Corner Brook. I cast on with abandon the other day while my other WIP’s (my sweater and one lone hat band) stared at me from the corner, and I haven’t looked back!




Stay warm and happy knitting!


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