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What I did on my summer vacation ~

Just a couple of peeks at what has been cooking around here:

audreys-lace-soaking.jpg  Audrey’s Lace – Soaking……

green-merino-silk.jpg  Basil Bliss…… It’s approx 1,400 yards of 50% merino 50% silk – too lovely to believe. Various shades of vibrant moss, sage and faded greens. This would make a gorgeous shawl/wrap. This will show up on etsy later tonight or tomorrow.

1311.JPG  Speaking of basil – what should I do with all of this? I have three basil plants that are going crazy. It is such a shame to let it all go to waste. Let’s just say there is enough to keep me in caprese salads for the next year. All you talented and clever ladies (and any fellas out there) must know what to do with a bumper crop of basil. Maybe you know of ways to preserve it for the winter months, any recipes to use now?

raspberry-kiss-merino-silk.jpg  Raspberry Kiss  -More 50/50 merino silk lace – 1,050 yards of laceweight.

Then, this came in the mail today…. a little yarny goodness from Hello Yarn and the Yarntini Sock Club – boy these ladies are talented!!!

maisy-day-handspun.jpg  Yarrow – Hand Dyed & Hand Spun

122.JPG  Mint Mojito – Verigated

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