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Week in review~

heap o' primo

There were heaps and heaps of yarn.


Heaps of yarn that were so large they required the use of a forklift. Who’d have thought? Forklift’s and yarn.


There was dyeing (of course!). New repeatables as a matter of fact.

Rusty Pumpkin - the repeatable

Rusty Pumpkin

Oatmeal & Barely Birch

Oatmeal & Barely Birch and one more that has yet to make its appearance – probably Monday.

parade continues

And the parade of test knits continues. Once they have all made their way back to the studio I will certainly be posting a ‘Test Knits 2011 Class Picture’.  I’m going to need so many mannequins/busts/hands/feet/stands as I can’t bear the thought of not having every last one of these displayed at the Plucky booth. You guys have totally out-done yourselves. I have the best knitting friends/customers. Ever.

In other random news~

  • Tops movies of the week at the studio:
  • Next update will be Tuesday, February 15th at Noon Eastern. More details to come both here, in Ravelry, Facebook and the enewsletter.
  • A color has been decided on for this months shipment of Classics and dyeing has begun!
  • Pre-orders. Neck deep in pre-orders which will begin shipping the end of next week.

Happy Friday everyone!

And Duh! There was some knitting too! Finished Ida’s Kitchen (and technically I finished it last Friday morning at about 12:30 a.m. – that’s counts as within the past week, right?).
Ida's Kitchen

Loved it so much that I’m now attempting a cowl (similar to the September Circle) with more plucky cashmere scraps. Color + cashmere around the neck – what’s not to love about that?!


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