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We’re Back In The Saddle Again!

Finally. Finally! We are beginning to settle in and find our footing here in the new barn – we are picking up speed and efficiency with every passing hour it seems.

We’re feeling hopeful and a little giddy. Let’s celebrate! And what better way to celebrate the belated Plucky anniversary and the big move to the barn than with the first Blog update from the new studio?!

Please join us for a TWO PART update right here on the Plucky BLOG this Tuesday, June 17th at Noon Eastern and again at 8:00 pm Eastern as we mark the beginning of our eighth year AND the studiowarming for the ‘not new, but new to us’ barn.

This special update will be across all the bases and chock-full of your favorite colors. And, if there is something you have been waiting for, please post it in the Wishlist thread. We LOVE granting wishes!

Oh, one more VERY important thing – it’s a free shipping update! You have all been so kind and patient this year with your well wishes that we want to say thank you in a big way. So, no matter where you are, shipping for this anniversary/move update is our gift to you.


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