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VK Live Online Party!

Beep beep! It’s never a dull moment at VK Live in NYC! We’re here in the middle of Times Square and you can feel the energy in the air! We’re having so much fun seeing familiar faces and making new friends and wish each and every one of you could be here with us. The next best thing?! Sharing the love of this fun and festive weekend with you online with a Plucky Blog Update!



Meet TWEED:  Our new Tweed yarn has equal amounts wool and super wash wool. This balance allows the yarn to take on the best characteristics of both. It dyes up beautifully, evenly, and has lovely body. And we’ve carefully curated the tweedy bits so that they wouldn’t overpower our beautiful colors.

Plucky Knitter Tweed (44% wool, 44% superwash wool, 12% viscose) 225 yds / 205 m
$25 a skein

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited quantity of Tweed after VK Live, we will be running a special pre-order update next weekend.


Meet Rambouillet:  Rambouillet Wool is an exquisite, fine wool and we couldn’t resist creating a fingering weight yarn with this beautiful fiber. A closely-related breed to the Merino sheep, the wool from the Rambouillet sheep is similar with a micron count between 18-24. The fiber has a lot of crimp giving “Rambo” it’s characteristic springiness and elasticity.

Plucky Knitter Rambouillet (100% rambouillet wool) 420 yds / 384 m per 100 g
$32 a skein


We have also released a handful of new patterns! Cardigans, hats and a cowl!
New Patterns!


Photo credit ©Margotchien


CARLISLE: This modern silhouette, cropped and boxy, is a fun juxtaposition with our traditional Tweed yarn. Throw it over a button-front or t-shirt for an easy and fun look!

Photo credit ©Margotchien
Cuttin’ A Rug: Bold colorwork accents this fun hat and cowl set. Knit in your favorite Plucky Knitter worsted weight, this design knits up faster than you’d think!



Boogie Woogie Wrap: Gradient stockinette stripes are punctuated with garter bands in this simple-to-work bias wrap. Two yarns are held together to create the marled fabric, one stays constant while the other shifts across the gradient and back again.



Photo credit ©Margotchien

Highline: The new staple for your wardrobe! With fully-fashioned shoulder detailing, and short-rows at the front hem, this modern take on the perfect layering piece is a must-knit.


Madison Square: A fun colorwork hat just begging for different bases, marling and fun colors. Have a blast pairing this hat with your favorite Plucky colors and bases!



P B & J: For many of us, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is true comfort food. It’s a school lunch, after school snack, late night treat, and everything in between. Here is a hat that lets you fill your sandwich with what ever suits your fancy. We paired In A Jif as our peanut butter with colors that spoke to our taste buds…Henley (as our Strawberry) and Good Jeans (as our Blueberry). And, drum roll please, this pattern contains clearly written instructions for seamless/jogless one-row stripes. You’ll have a new hat AND a new skill!!! Let your own taste buds build your PB&J hat. Delish!

Available Colors

Bases Offered:

  • Halo
  • Halo Worsted
  • Primo DK
  • Primo Fingering
  • Primo Sport
  • Rambouillet
  • Solo
  • Solo DK
  • Sophisticate
  • Trusty Fingering
  • Yakkity

Helpful Information:

  • Please join us on the Plucky Blog, Sunday, January 27th at 2:00 PM and going through, Monday, January 28th while supplies last.
  • This is a pre-order update and will ship the week of February 18th. Please note, for administrative purposes, your shipping label may be generated an unspecified amount of time prior to actually shipping.  Once an update begins to ship, it may take up to 4 business days for it to leave the barn.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Rambouillet will NOT be available on the following colors: Bean Wham, Times Square, Rainbow Puddles, You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, Urban Jungle, Carbon Fiber, Coral Gables, Night Moves, Smokey Mountain Rain, Neon Sign, Swan Whisperer, Disco Duck, Careless Whisper, Hopscotch, Cement Mixer, and Smudge.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Yakkity is ONLY available on Sea Salt, Old Mill, & Peppercorn.

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