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Update: Ready-to-Ship for All Bundled Up!

Thank you for joining us this morning. Inventory for this update is currently sold out, but we will be back later this week with another blog update. Please join our e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook, and join our Ravelry group to find out more about the next update!

What a wonderful day this has been – a wonderful whirlwind! Your kindness and enthusiasm for All Bundled Up has meant the world to me and to the entire team. I have said it before, and it bears repeating – you are what makes us want to keep trying new things and it is a true privilege to serve you – all of you!

We have done a bit of planning ahead and have a limited amount of ready to ship yarns available this morning. These bases and colors will be just a small taste of what you might need for a few of the ABU patterns. But, it might be just what you need to tide you over until later in the week when you can pre-order just about anything that floats your boat! By later this week (I’m thinking Friday but could be sooner) I will have put together lots of fun ideas for color pairings and mixing bases, and we will have had a chance to read the wish list thread to see what you have in mind – and I have more pictures and knits to show you!

Bases available in today’s update:
Traveler Aran

The Colorways

ABU Collage

Again, thank you so very much for being such Plucky Knitters!


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