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Update: It’s Finally Time for the Gradients!

We are sold out for the time being. Thank you so much for stopping by. This update was so much fun we just might have to have something similar again soon!

First, I sure hope this message finds you rested and refreshed after a fantastically fun, festive and, again, relaxing weekend and that it was filled with all the family, friends, food, knitting and crafting your hearts desire. Second….

Wow. It has been so gratifying to read all the love that you have been heaping on the gradients. What a kick it is to read that you all think they are as much fun as we do. So, let’s do it again!!!

All you have to do is first click the base that you want and then click the name of the actual gradient kit. Those two simple clicks will bring you a pre-set group of a single skein of 6 colors, all in the base of your choice. Unfortunately, you will not be able to swap out colors within the kit. These are pre-set.

And, just as a little side note, if you are not sure of our update and shipping policies, you can view them at our policies page. If you are planning ahead for your Plucktember project, these gradients will reach you in plenty of time!

The Gradients

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