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Update: Gakusei Sweater Kit

Thank you for joining us. The update is sold out at this time.


An Exclusive Sweater Kit from JimiKnits & The Plucky Knitter

I have long admired Jimi’s sense of fun and creativity in her designs.  I am intrigued with how she plays with texture and color in her knitting.  She is fearless and unique with her designs, you just can’t fit them into a box!  She shared with me her Gakusei design and I knew it was perfect for playing with the Plucky color palette; especially for those feeling a bit more trepidacious about playing with color.  She completely hit the nail on the head for me with a gray main color and just the slightest bit of a kicky accent color.  I was head over heals!

Jimi’s Gakusei knit in Plucky Sweater; Shown in Flannel & Yellow Submarine
The pattern name, Gakusei, (pronounced: gak’say) is Japanese for ‘Student’. Jimi’s inspiration for the design was influenced by an old sweater she had while at Art College (minus the holes and the paint stains!).  Nostalgic, old comfy sweaters have always been one of my absolute favorites and this one in particular has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe.  It is slimming and attractive on a range of body shapes.  It is quirky but practical & classy at the same time.  It has incredible potential to show your personal creative side; what colors would you paint together for your own Gakusei?
My Gakusei knit in Plucky Sweater; Shown in Lonesome Highway and Pollen

While the sweater hasn’t been knit in Primo Worsted yet, we are offering it for the kits as well.  Primo Wosted and Plucky Sweater will knit to the same gauge.  Please keep in mind that the end result will vary in the feel of the fabric and drape due to the fiber make-up of Primo Worsted.  Nonetheless, we think it will make a gorgeous Gakusei.  Jimi suggests possibly using a smaller needle for a “sturdier” fabric.  Just be sure to knit, wash, & block your gauge swatch to end up with a sweater you will love! 

Colorways available for Gakusei:

All prices shown below in USD, include shipping (domestic & international!) as well as the exclusive Gakusei sweater pattern. The pattern PDF will be emailed to kit purchasers 
within 24-48 hours after the update has completed to the email associated with the PayPal account used to complete your purchase.  It will not be available as an immediate Ravelry download nor will hard copies of the pattern be sent with the yarn.  Yarn for the kits will ship with an extended time-frame, the week of January 20, 2014, due to upcoming holiday schedules.  Our usual pre-order & shipping policies can be found here:  Plucky pre-order shipping policies.

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Plucky Knitter Project Bags

Just in case you need a new bag to store your Gakusei in progress…
Are you bagKnitter With Pluck bag

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I hope you enjoy the Gakusei sweater as much as I have.  The potential for color-play is endless and we can’t wait to see what you choose to show your personality!

Thank you very much and have a great day~

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