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They’re here! Anna’s Socks & Achillea ~

Kirsten, I love the color of your door!

door-anna.JPG  Anna’s Socks~   Kirsten named this sock after her grandmother Anna. The stitch pattern reminded her of the tufted back on her large, cobalt blue couch. Can’t you just picture that lovely sofa?  Anna’s socks are knit on two circular needles from the top down. The easily memorized stitch pattern ends in a  point at the top of the foot. How unique!

Anna’s Socks  ~  Design by Kirsten for The Plucky Knitter

Yarn:  Plucky Knitter 80/20 Merino/ Cashmere
Color:   Tiffany’s

Pattern Price: $5.50


achillea-door.JPG  Achillea ~ Because I cannot say it any better – to quote Kirsten: “I was struggling to think of a name for this sock, until Teresa commented on last week’s post.   She said of this sock, “It kind of reminds me of a yarrow stalk with all it’s leaves.”   This awoke the gardener in me.   You see, the botanical name for yarrow is “Achillea”.   It is named for Achilles of Greek myth; magnificent warrior, hero of Troy.   I’m sure you’ve all heard the story, his only vulnerability was his heel, and this eventually led to his demise.   I thought this would be the perfect name for a sock.   And so, Achillea it is, the flower or the hero, your choice.”

Perfect choice Kirsten – just perfect!

Achillea Design by Kirsten for The Plucky Knitter

Yarn:   Plucky Knitter Single Ply Merino
Color:   Dragonfly

Pattern Price: $5.50

Both patterns are available for purchase here at The Plucky Knitter or at Through The Loops. As soon as I get the paypal button issue sorted out I will have that posted here for ease of purchase. Until then, please contact me and I can invoice you and upon payment  send you the PDF file.  

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