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The Week Ahead –


Good morning & a very happy first Monday of Spring to you all!

You know those moments when you see or hear something and the first thing you can think of doing is to grab your phone and text or call someone, because you just have to share?! That is sort of the way I have been feeling lately, but it’s not possible to call all of you. So, how about you eavesdrop on a conversation between Hayley and me?

Me: Holy buckets have I got something to tell you. I have been swatching. A LOT!

Hayley: Really? For what?

Me: For fun and for science! You know those new designs we’ve been talking about? Well, there’s trying out different bases, so many stitch patterns, different needle sizes, mixing bases (you know how I feel about that!), textures and color mash ups, and generally turning things on their ears.

Check this simple lace pattern out in Snug Fingering. Don’t forget you promised to knit one up in CREW!

side to side

Hayley: No wonder you’ve been quiet and not posting many FO’s lately.

Me: YES! Several of them are almost ready! That hat, that solid and/or multi color wrap pattern almost done! And that club thing we’ve been talking about…. oh, not ready to share that one yet.

And, we have that kit from Michele Wang – Verdea – that will go live at the end of the week/weekend. One of us, not sure which yet, needs to be camera ready for some modeled shots tomorrow! Bring your lip gloss!


Hayley: Oh man…..

Me: Oh, and one more bit of news…All the Fellas will be out the door over the next day or two – it’s early, love it when that happens!

Do not forget your lip gloss tomorrow!

Snug Worsted. Good Old Days

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