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The More Things Change….. continued


Doesn’t it sometimes feel like good things come in three’s? I have three exciting things to share with you today. Here we go!

Ta da!!!…Introducing our new Plucky logo!

Well, here it is! Our new logo with its proud debut on our Plucky Knitter yarn. I hope you love it as much as I do! You’ll be seeing it on everything Plucky from yarn wraps to totes, t-shirts and, of course, on our website that debuts next month.


As I’ve previously mentioned, our new logo symbolizes not only the somewhat whimsical, yet classic, Plucky style, but also the wonderful and treasured circle of friends who we’ve been privileged to serve over the years.

Our new logo has a different look and, at the same time, it captures the spirit and personality we’ve had since Day One when we started in 2007. So while it’s a change, we haven’t lost an ounce of what makes us Plucky! In fact, we’re more Plucky than ever!

Speaking of which…. and let’s file this under ‘It’s About Time!’ …. The Gadabout is finally ready to debut!

Gad-uh-bout. Noun. Def. A person who travels often or to many different places, especially for pleasure.

Our Plucky Gadabout cowl is just the ticket as you travel around the neighborhood or around the world. It is an open invitation to mix a multitude of bases and colors. Imagine the fun! Snug Worsted and Bello fingering? Snug Worsted and Cashmere (be still my heart!), Traveler Aran and Primo Fingering or Feet? SNUG bulky all on its own? Or, how about Scholar and Cashmere (yes, please!), or Scholar and Primo Fingering or Single?

There are no limits to what you might choose to do. And, once you have decided on the bases, you can then play with your color choices. You might want to mix two closely related colors or two that are just a smidge different (but not too different, just enough to still let those cables shine!) creating a very subtle tweed. What ever you choose, you will look fabulous in your Gadabout as you Gadabout town!

Gadabout is 25% off through the weekend using code: itsabouttime

Ready To ship 11-28

Bello Worsted too!

And for the grand finale, I’m pleased to announce a Ready to Ship update with Free Shipping this Friday at 9:00 a.m. Eastern here on the Plucky Blog!

We’re going to finish this week with a humdinger of an update! As an expression of appreciation to our wonderful customers, we will have ten colors on a variety of bases, all ready to ship and with free shipping. If you need to whip up some gifts (have some friends or family with cold noggins or necks!?) here is your chance. Or, maybe you have a knitter friend that deserves a skein (or two, or a SQ)? Look for a drop down menu on the blog on Friday, listing the ten colors and the bases that are available for each. And also available on Friday…. the new Plucky Tote bags! Please note this update will ship the week of December 1.


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