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Thank You

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With 2014 coming to a close (what a crazy, fun, trying and exhilarating year!), I want to take a look back and and thank you all …. then I’ll be turning to look at the year that is ahead us – it’s going to be a fun one!

Looking back, this year has been filled with adventure, new surroundings, new friends and just a wee bit of adversity. These are all things that have made us a stronger, determined and more efficient. Some of the bumps in our road were things we were able to smooth out ourselves. And many of the bumps were things that you, our dear Plucky pals, smoothed for us and for each other.

Our wonderful community continued to grow and enrich us. We are so grateful for the warmth, knowledge and creativity you bring to our craft. We are also thankful, beyond words, for your willingness and generosity in helping others. You have answered questions, provided information others needed, offered words of encouragement and support, and provided tremendous comfort and virtual hugs to those of us who have had personal pain in our lives. You have helped to create a worldwide community of warmth, knowledge and friendship, even sending partial skeins from your stash to those asking for help to complete projects!

And I also must give a huge shout-out to the long-time members who have been so wonderful in warmly welcoming our new friends. While I’m not often at a loss for words, when it comes to my appreciation for you, our customers and friends, it’s impossible to capture my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for each and every one of you!

You definitely got behind us and provided so much support as the past year tested the “pluck” in us at the studio. During a matter of months, we found ourselves dyeing outside in a seemly endless series of history-making blizzards and vortexes (whatever you want to call them – it was bad), dealing with a break-in at our old studio, working like crazy to assemble enough yarn to get to Stitches West, get our new studio renovated and up to snuff, prepping for the shindig and making the move to our new barn, and getting things up and running. Whew! The old adage “survived and thrived” couldn’t be more true in our case, and we could not have done it without your encouragement and support!

Move Collage Year end.jpg

About that move. Holy smokes. The move. That was quite an accomplishment. We had a two-pronged problem; first in procuring the barn and then renovating it to make it “just right” for our rather peculiar needs. We are no longer dying outdoors in freezing temperatures, snow, sleet or rain. And, while we are a close-knit family we are no longer, literally, tripping over each other. Quite the contrary! We now have room for dyeing, rinsing, drying, twisting and tagging, and shipping—and everything in between. We are now able to provide you the same level of customer service, but with greater productivity and efficiency.

Shindig Collage Year End.jpg

The Plucky Shindig in May was another high point for us in 2014, and we hope it was for you too! What fun it was to host you, almost in our own back yard! We are so grateful for those of you who made the trip. We loved seeing many of our old friends and meeting new ones. We owe such a huge thank you to Lorilee for her incredible organizational skills, and her tireless behind the scenes work. Franklin Habit was a joy. There were so many talented people who participated in the fashion show, the karaoke evening and the dozens of little sit-and-knits that popped up all over the hotel. The hotel loved you all too! As we were leaving… you knitters come back ok?! The 2014 Shindig was most definitely cheeky and a little classy which I think is the best combination of all!

The past year brought out our creative juices in other ways! New colorways – those wheels are always turning! New patterns and, of course, new bases! Snug Worsted, Sophisticate, Crew, Scholar, Oxford and mmmmm…. Cashmere! It’s your enthusiasm and inquisitiveness that helps spark our creative juices. Thank you for that!

In 2014 I also was able to carve out more time to work with an extremely talented pool of designers – both established designers and those new to the designing scene – what a thrill! Thank you! Working one-on-one with the designers to see their work go from sketch to pattern writing, to pairing the base and color with their vision, receiving the finished samples, and then seeing the excitement with which you receive the finished item is, well, it’s the bomb diggity!

And I’m thrilled that just last week we launched the new website! We wanted it to be fresh and creative, intuitive, informative and, most of all, fun and a true representation of Plucky. I really appreciate the positive comments I’ve received from so many of you about our new site, and I truly do hope you visit often and spend a lot of time with us!

I want to again express my heartfelt thanks to each of you for helping make Plucky what it is today. You, our valued friends and customers, inspire me, inspire the whole crew – as we explore new and better ways for you to experience fiber and color and for us to serve you – that is our true privilege! 2014 has been a challenging, wonderful, exciting and inspirational year.

So that the Crew can enjoy some time off to spend with family and friends, the studio will be dark until January 5th. We wish you the same, some quiet time with family and friends. However, my dears, you will be hearing just a bit from me this afternoon. I have a little teaser/wonderful surprise in store for you, something to look forward to for the deep winter months ahead!

With great affection, gratitude and so many hugs….


P.S. As promised, back with a teaser.


I’m almost ready to start my self imposed technology fast but before I do let me give you just a little peek into something pretty darn big that will be revealed in early January!

For the moment, you will just have to take my word that something fun and colorful is coming. It’s a project that has been in production since July, has needed a cast of dozens of ‘secret Plucky agents’ and is the fruition of years of dreaming and many many months of planning and hard work.

I know it will be hard to wait until January for details but it will be worth it!


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