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tangled mess ~

tangled web

See that mess up there? Care to take it off my hands?

There was a time, right before Sock Summit, when anything that even hinted at a tangle went in to a box to be dealt with another day. Another day is here! In an effort to get the studio in tip-top shape for Fall (and high knitting season) it is time for another tangled yarn giveaway. So, tell me (answer one or both – doesn’t matter. I’m easy that way)~

1. What is your favorite book? Could be a new book or an old favorite you return to time and again.

2. Your favorite go-to recipe this time of year. Zucchini coming out your ears? What do you make? Bumper crop of  tomatoes? What to do!?  Headed to the lake/cottage/beach/mountain/stay-cation for a last Summer getaway? What will you cook?

I will have comments open now through Monday, August 29th and then choose a winner Monday at Noon Eastern (btw – there is a bunch of yarn in that bucket. I’m thinking enough for three winners).

misty morning

Have a great weekend everyone!

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