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All sold out until next time. Thank you so much!


We’ve been thinking up different ideas to keep the fun going and it’s just another way for us to round out the Plucky offerings and bring you more yarn – FAST. That’s right…this yarn is dyed and ready-to-ship!

So, this is not a kit. You need to choose your colorway(s), base and quantity below. The orders will ship within one week from Plucky HQ as per usual with our ready-to-ship updates. Quantities are limited and when they are gone we won’t be able to add more.

Your choices for today are:
Fondant, Honey Wilkes, and Cafe Society on either Primo Aran and Traveler Aran.

Thank you for partaking in the Plucky fun today. We’ll be back again with another surprise as time and schedules permit – same place but different bases and colorways – just keep those eyes peeled!

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