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Stitches South After Party!

IG collage

Friday, May 8th 9:00 AM EST & 8:00 PM EST in the Plucky ETSY Shop!
It’s time for the Stitches South After Party Instant Gratification update!

The IG update will be full of creative and fun possibilities for warmer weather knitting! Many bases and colors that are perfect for jumping right into your favorite Spring Forward pattern as well as many of your tried and true favorites (some bulky will be there, sweater, SNUG bulky and many more).

I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is to see the new WIPs and FOs from the Spring Forward collection pop up in the threads. What a thrill! In fact, I am getting super excited about casting on my own Stripe Parade (really hoping that happens soon!) and my Beehive has been great fun to knit! I think everyone should treat themselves to a Hazy Morn cowl! Oh, and you would absolutely love a Tide Chart. It is sort of my dream pullover because it’s reminiscent of a comfy sweatshirt, but better! I have two that have been knit up in Sounds Like A Carnival – one a little more fitted and one the next size up for that cozy sweatshirt feel. And all those Lake Effect cardis already on your needles, look at you guys go!!

But it wouldn’t be truly festive without those mystery kits!!! I’m thinking Spring Fever mystery kits (8 skeins of assorted fingering weights – #mixthosebases!!!) would be a fun addition to the 6 skein tasting menus and our other mystery offerings.

Spring Fever steps

Spring fever amy

The After Party IG update will be Friday morning, May 8th at 9:00 am EST and, because I would hate anyone to miss out on the party, again at 8:00 pm EST Friday evening in the Plucky ETSY Shop.

Please note that the IG update is ready to ship and will begin shipping on Tuesday, May 12th. Please also remember that it takes a little extra time to get it all out the door. Those mystery kits take us a while – we love to match them up to you as well as we possibly can – all the while trying to add in something unexpected (so fun!).

So please join us in the update chatter thread in the Plucky group on Ravelry on Friday morning (and again Friday evening) where we will be chatting away!

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