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Sounds Of Summer WINNERS



It SOUNDS like we have some winners!


With each of our Plucky contests, we meet the nicest people! Thank you to everyone who participated in our Sounds of Summer contest. Needless to say, I was bowled over to see that we had 500 Ravelry entries by the contest close Sunday night, as well as dozens of entries on the Blog. So, this morning we sat down to crunch a few of those numbers. Because this was a NO CHAT contest, we were easily able to give each entry a number, and then randomly select winners. A huge thank you to everyone for that!


Oh my, numbers can be fun! Within those Ravelry 500 entries, we had 60 guests (12%) in our group. We love our guests and decided to award one prize to the 30th guest post.


#244, jbosley, you are a winner!


Next, we looked for anyone who had fewer than three posts EVER in our Plucky group. We know that there are some pretty awesome Plucksters out there who prefer to remain quiet, lending the rest of us their silent support.


#162, knittingmonk, you are a winner!


That left one more number from our Ravelry entries to be pulled from our virtual hat….


#404, seb123, you are a winner!


And, finally, we randomly selected one winner from the Plucky Knitter Blog. They are being sent an email to give them the good news!


Thank you so much for sharing your treasured memories with us. We invite the winners to contact Customer Service (pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com). Write “contest winner” in the subject line and include the address where you would like us to send your prize. You may also let us know which of the new Bungalow colors you especially love and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes!


Thank you again, so much!




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