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Sounds Of Summer Contest


School is out and summer is in full swing. If your neighborhood is like ours, there are certain sounds that spell the beginning of summer. We live on a not-too-small/not-too-big lake, so many of our summer sounds are associated with water. Some days it is the gentle dipping of a kayak paddle as we head out, and other days it’s Ox announcing neighbors arriving via a pontoon boat, ready for a bonfire and brownies. On the weekends, it’s the sounds of the neighbor’s stereo carry down the beach and that can be great fun.


Do you have a story to share? If you have a memory, we have prizes! What do you listen for? Does the sound of an ice cream truck bring back memories of a Good Humor, toasted almond bar? Or a push-pop (hey, where have I heard “push-pop” before)? I can think of lots of summer sounds…a life guard’s whistle reminding you (ME!) not to run…birds that sing too dang early when all you want to do is sleep in…and who could forget the kid who used a clothes pin to attach a playing card to the back of his bike, making that clacking noise. You get the idea. Please post in our contest thread between now and Sunday, July 10th at midnight. Then, on Monday, July 11th, we will hand draw winners for some summery fun prizes! And I think there’s a very good chance that those prizes will be in the form or our newest Plucky base, Bungalow.  If it’s summer, you need a little Bungalow!




Please pop into our SOUNDS OF SUMMER contest thread in Ravelry to enter or you can also leave a comment here on the Plucky Blog. The contest thread will be a NO CHAT thread so that everyone gets “one post/one entry”.  But, feel free to go back and edit your post as many times as you like, because if you’re like me, I always remember something I forgot to say!  We will wait until the contest closes before we read the entries and pick our winners, so edit away!  The Random Chatter thread will be the place to make comments about posts and have a good laugh or two.  Our moderators will delete any chatter or multiple posts in the SOUNDS OF SUMMER – NO CHAT thread, not because we don’t love to hear from you but to make our job of picking winners as easy as a slice of ice cold watermelon on late summer afternoon.




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