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Small Batch Plucky!


Small Batch Plucky

Created to enhance your Plucky palette.



Hayley and I are having a blast! What could be more fun than mixing it up a bit and a somewhat quirky spin on something you don’t often see us dyeing? Even though variegated yarns are not on regular rotation (though old school Plucky featured them extensively), every now and then you just have to let loose and have some fun.


Hayley and I have let our imaginations go nutty, taking some of our favorite colors and using them as a foundation upon which we layered (and layered some more!) multiple Plucky colors, creating deep, rich skeins of variegation. Each additional color was carefully chosen from our recipe book because they pair so nicely with its foundation color. The unexpected, fanciful, broody, crazy result is our Small Batch Plucky.


Each skein has the strength to stand alone or would pair perfectly with any semi-solid/tonal/subtly variegated colorways. Basically, Small Batch is the chocolate & very colorful sprinkles on the Plucky Palette!


SmallBatch-No007I hope you are as excited as we are. These skeins will not be named, but they will carry a number so that you can identify them for stashing, knitting/crocheting cataloguing. And, because of the extreme complexity of every skein within this group, we do want you to be aware that there will be a bit more individuality to every skein.

The first release will be in the fingering weight mystery kits that sold earlier this week in the RTS update (shipping Monday). From there…. we will keep you posted.


So, what do you think? Are you already planning what to knit with Small Batch Plucky? We sure are!


P.S. For now, we are thinking Small Batch will be available on the following bases: Primo(s), Feet, Cashmere(s) and Single.

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