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Shindig Registration Process

Shindig Registration Details – a MUST read so we all understand the registration process.

When you get to the shopping page for the retreat, you will have options for buying three items- the Shindig, Franklin’s Friday class, and Franklin’s Saturday class. Remember, no one needs to buy a thing in order to come, shop, and hang with friends.

Here are the upper limits (you can always buy just one spot) for what any single buyer can purchase:
• TWO retreat spots, and/or
• TWO seats in Franklin’s Friday class, and/or
• TWO seats in Franklin’s Saturday class.

This is based on availability, on a first come, first-served basis. We are sorry that this will feel like a race, but we do not have a way around that.

We are allowing the purchase of items in pairs to accommodate all the calls for help from those who are absolutely unable to log in at 5:00 Eastern tomorrow, Sunday the 12th (right here on the Plucky BLOG) to buy what they want. This will help friends who want to travel together, and also those who cannot register for themselves. We trust this is helpful to you and that you still find it fair for everyone. The burden is on you to communicate well with your buddies and make your own decisions. If two of you are traveling together you have the option of registering every man for himself or registering together, but if together, you must assign one person to buy the two slots. You should not both register for two slots, because then you are on the hook for four payments for two people.

Here’s the kicker- it is technically possible for one person to reach the check-out page and buy all the slots for the retreat and all the seats in each class. There is not a way for us to limit this in the shopping cart. This is why we are counting on you being honorable and respect the limits stated above. Anyone who tries anything funny will have their registration blocked and refunded manually by us. It will hurt. Please do not make us do this thankless task!

Tomorrow we will have many hands on deck to monitor registration, to forward you hotel information, and to answer your questions. Use Lorilee@city-knitting.com or Plucky customer service at pluckycustomerservice@gmail.com

Lastly a hotel reminder, to stay at ease- if you try to book a hotel room and are not able to get one, wait one day and try again. We will, if necessary, add additional rooms to the block, during business hours on Monday.

We thank you so very much for your interest in this Shindig. We can’t wait get together!

Sarah & Lorilee

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