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Saving the Best for Last – The Last IG of 2015 is Here!

Can it really be mid-December next week? I keep hearing it, seeing it, and saying it, but I still have a hard time believing it. While we’ve been at the barn with shipping, dyeing and designing, time has been marching right along!

In between packing and shipping over the last few months, we’ve been taking inventory, pulling out some oldies that are certainly goodies and setting them aside for you. I’ve been holding back some fun, saving up for a special time and that time is now – it’s time to pull it all out for our very last IG Update of 2015 (can you believe it?)!

And, to make this update an extra special and fun time, we’re making it a two-part update so as many as possible can join in on the fun! We hope you’ll join us on Friday, December 11th at 9:00 a.m. EST and again on Sunday, December 13th at 7:00 p.m. EST in the Plucky Knitter Etsy Shop!

We will absolutely have a healthy dose of our current favorites, too (Snug family of bases, I’m looking at you!). Have you seen the adorable hat Knitterella released this week? Two skeins of Snug or Bulky and you are warm and stylin’ in no time. Hayley and I had so much fun this weekend playing around with some really unexpected combinations of Snug Worsted in our “Conversationalist Hat”. If you want quick and multiple knits out of your single skeins of your favorite Plucky worsted base, this is your hat! Just one 3 skein mystery worsted/aran kit will get you three hats!
There will surely be some seldom seen colorways…Do you remember Cherries On The Mall, Forward In Flats, What A Punk and Top Hat? And, kits! You guys love your kits and we love putting them together for you. It has been a while since we’ve offered pattern specific kits, but we’ll also be sure to have plenty of Mystery kits available for the Conversationalist Hat, Alpine Trail, and Bradway to offer as well!
We’ll have something for everyone in this IG. We’ll have old friends, new friends, sweater quantities, kits, and even some rare single or very limited numbers of skeins of one color on one base. We hope to see you at the update this Friday, December 11th at 9:00 a.m. EST and again on Sunday, December 13th at 7:00 p.m. EST at the Plucky Knitter Etsy Shop!

An important note:
Since all of the yarn available in Friday’s & Sunday’s update (and all other subsequent RTS or IG updates) has been carefully inventoried, dyed, and is ready to be shipped the following Tuesday, we will no longer be able to accommodate requests for cancellations or changes of orders. Please be absolutely certain that you fully intend to purchase and receive any yarn you check-out with from the update. It is administratively very difficult and impedes shipping times to allow for these changes. Thank you for your understanding!

If you are new to Plucky we invite you to read all about our Updates in the FAQs found HERE. Also, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter and go to our Plucky Knitter app so you are always up-to-date on events and news.


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