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New year, time to change things up a bit, don’t you think? I’ve received some great feedback from you for a re-vamped Plucky Classics (sign-ups coming this week).  In addition to re-vamped Classics, I’m looking forward to offering quarterly sweater clubs (similar to Moody Broody Grey Club) and even creating some monthly luxury clubs throughout the year. Plucky will also be hitting the road and attending more shows than ever before…. Sock Summit here we come! So, long story short, 2011 is set to be a year of new and exciting experiences for all of us!

Oh, and get this…..(pinch me because I can hardly believe it myself) our Ravelry group hit 1,000 members as of early this morning. All I can say is be prepared for a big celebration with a contest and giveaways!

Let’s see, what else? A very little bit of knitting but a whole lot of cleaning and reorganization.  The studio was on the receiving end of a little retooling last week. Nothing crazy, just a nice deep clean and moved things around a bit. A fresh perspective – it sure does wonders for clearing the head.

monday's mess

Vintage Steelcase file cabinet in the most perfect yellow.

coming up

Getting ready for the first update of 2011!

grey cables

Winter Wonder – Plucky Merino Lite, Dark & Stormy. I’m crazy head over heels for gray + cables.


Sam can’t seem to keep up with the hectic pace

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