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Relaxation according to Phoebe & Beau…. poor Beau, he’s a little wired. I get it buddy, I get it!

Good morning friends – how we have missed you!!!

Ever had not one, but two days that you are sure are Monday? They feel like Monday, they act like Monday, but then all of a sudden, it’s almost Friday? And while that sounds great, it has taken us a bit by surprise!

Wow – do we ever have a lot going on!

· Prep for our very first monthly Knit Night (January 14th4-8:30 pm at H2) is going very well, we cannot wait to share our space for this casual evening…now, what to serve?!

· How many inboxes do you have? I will tell you that I have more than 4….I was feeling super productive the other day and cleaned them all out!

· Dye Lists – need to make dye lists but can’t quite yet because we have more new colors being developed today!

· Window dressing, humm….H2 needs some love before the 14th!

· Sample knits are high priority these days and I can’t wait to show you what we have been up to!

· Did I mention Dye lists – need to make dye lists!

· Vogue Knitting Live – There are lots of new things bound for New York! New colors, new swag, new bases and new patterns!


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