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Purely Random ~

Sometimes you just need to work through the blogger’s block. So, a purely random post it is!

what i'm reading....

Reading~ Dare you to open this and not smile. Photobooth Dogs.

Watching~ Modern Family. Hilarious. Serious bell laughs hilarious.

Knitting~ Just finished September Circle (What’s not to love about a new finished object which also happens to be an entertaining knit, highly wearable and beyond cozy?!). So I’m thinking a Baulstrade may be up next? Cowl season is, after all, upon us.

September Circle

September Circle

September Circle

Working on~ An update! Friday, October 8th. Whoohoo! More pictures and information to come tomorrow. But, until then a little FYI – a sneak up through the day on Friday the 8th. Hope to see you there!


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