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Exciting Times!!!

It seems every year, right about this time, all of us catch the “Gotta Have & MUST Knit It Now” fever. You know, quick knits for ourselves and for the special people in our lives. After all, we cannot have our nearest and dearest walking around with cold noggins, necks and hands can we?! Good news, we are ready to help!

Please join us on Friday, November 24th beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern and going throughout the day, on the Plucky BLOG and in the Plucky RESERVE for an update to beat all updates! A ready-to-ship update that includes three brand new colorways (see below), mysteries, one hit wonders, pre-orders, swag, kits and who knows what else!??!? And, because we want to thank you for being so wonderful, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on everything $50 or more domestically and $75 or more for our international friends! You guys deserve it! So, whether you are planning on a single color project, craving a mystery or are getting ready to cast on all the hats, I hope you’ll find something in this update that will keep you snug and cozy (see what I did there? Ha!) through the end of the year and beyond!



Now, about those new colorways!



At Last:  At last, indeed!  The Twill of pinks, it goes with almost everything!  Yes, that’s right – pink as a neutral!  Not too warm (but warm), not too cool (not really cool, but looks amazing with all the cool toned colors).  Rose gold lovers amongst us?  We think this fits the bill quite nicely!  Warmer and much darker than Dreamy.  Plie’ and Pink-a-Boo are much cooler and rosy toned.  Melba and Bellini are much warmer and coral/orange leaning.  Warmer than Pink Pony.




Torch Song: Our unrequited love runs deep for this one!  Deep, broody shades of burgundy, chocolate, charcoal and black.  Not as purple leaning as Bada Bing, more burgundy, less red leaning than Starlet. More variegated than Cabaret.


Sticker Book: This one comes with a dose of nostalgia, and takes us right back to the 80’s and our Lisa Frank loving days!  Shades of teal and turquoise highlighted with even brighter bits of teal.  More turquoise, slightly darker and more variegated than Technicolor Teal.




Hayley and I have picked a selection of our favorite SB colors from this past year, plus a few of yours.  Surprise…the Scotland colors were the big favorites!  Eton Mess, Tartan, Hamish, Highlander, Stuart, and Nessie! There will be a button on the Plucky blog to pre-order on the following bases: Primo Fingering, Bello Worsted, Groovy, Groovy, Baby, Sophisticate, Trusty and Trusty Fingering!




So, please keep your eyes peeled to Instagram and Ravelry (the locked Announcement thread, the fast-moving Update thread, as well as the Wishlist thread – Hayley, Seth and I will be chatting away, helping and granting as many wishes as we possibly can, in real time) beginning Friday9:00 a.m. EST, going throughout the day. Something else you’d love to see in this update? Please hop on over to the Wishlist Thread on Ravelry!  We’re happy to grant as many wishes as we possibly can.




Helpful Information:

  • Fulton Street kits! There will be kits in the new new colorway ‘At Last’ as well as Mystery Snug kits. The pattern is FREE with the purchase of a kit.  If you already own the pattern, we will gift it to the recipient of your choice.
  • Swag!  Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of swag!  Plucky thermal tees are back in the house!  Everyone here at the barn (guys and gals alike) are obsessed with these.  For this offering, we are super-duper excited to offer the gray and navy we all know and love, PLUS, the brand-new options of black, pink, and sand!  Other swag you can expect to see…Kleen Kanteens, enamel pins, and who knows what else!  Lets’ just say we’re going to take a trip down swag memory lane.
  • Build your own Mystery Kit!  That’s right, you’ll be able to choose your quantity (3-7 skeins), yarn weight, then finally your color family, i.e. neutrals, brights, scums.  If you want it to be a complete mystery, there is the dyer’s choice option.  And remember, leaving notes is always an option, too!
  • Small Batch Pre-orders!  Hayley and I have picked a selection of our favorite SB colors from this past year, plus a few of yours.  Surprise…the Scotland colors were the big favorites!  There will be a button to pre-order Eton Mess, Tartan, Hamish, Highlander, Stuart, and Nessie! Available on the follwing bases: Primo Fingering, Bello Worsted, Groovy, Groovy, Baby, Sophisticate, Trusty and Trusty Fingering! The pre-orders are limited quantities and will ship December 14th/15th.
  • Brand New Colors …. Ready to Ship! We are delighted to offer you 3 brand new colors that are ready to ship. At Last, Torch Song and Sticker Book! We have limited quantities of these new beauties ready to go across the following bases: Primo Fingering, Sophisticate, Lusso, Bello Worsted, Groovy and Groovy, Baby. Please note: At Last will also be available on Snug, Snug fingering and Snug worsted.
  • Tasting Menus! These are a great option for anyone who has yet to try the range of bases that we offer.  They are a mystery, but, you can always leave notes on your color preferences and we will do our best to grant your wishes.  They will be available in 5, 8, 13, 21 and 42 skein quantities. That’s right!!! FORTY-TWO skeins…. one each of all our current bases, including Dandy, Loopdeloo, Cashmere, Cachet, Halo, Cozy, Snazzy, Lusso and more!
  • Classics Sign-ups!!!  Those of you who missed sign-ups for the last round, or maybe have cancelled your subscription but aren’t ready to let it go, now’s the time to sign up!!  Good news, this sign up will guarantee your spot in the December 2017 shipment!

An important note:  Since all of the yarn available in Friday’s update (and all other subsequent Ready To Ship or Instant Gratification updates) has been carefully inventoried, dyed, and is ready to be shipped, we will no longer be able to accommodate requests for cancellations or changes of orders.  Please be absolutely certain that you fully intend to purchase and receive any yarn you check-out with from the update.  It is administratively very difficult and impedes shipping times to allow for these changes. Thank you for your understanding!

With much gratitude and sincere affection to you all!


Stay cozy friends,



  1. If you are new to Plucky, Welcome! We are so glad you are here!  Please take a moment to read through our FAQs, found HERE.
  2. We welcome you to join us in our Ravelry group, as we chat about the update, favorite recipes, pets and what to cast on next!
  3. If you haven’t already downloaded the Plucky Knitter app (link below), it is a great way to explore color pairings and combos that Hayley and I have put together for you.

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