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Plucky Reserve…Our New Online Yarn Shop!


We are so excited and grateful that only weeks after introducing Plucky Reserve, our new online yarn shop, it has been received with such enthusiasm! We take pride in listening to you and are so pleased to provide you with another buying style for Plucky yarn. One of our greatest priorities has been to find a way to reach those of you who might find the blog updates inconvenient or fast-paced Etsy sales a little too invigorating. And, to all of you…sometimes you just want a skein of insert your favorite base or color here. All these things led us to the addition of Plucky Reserve!, and we thank you for giving it such a warm welcome!

As you’re seeing, part of the fun of Plucky Reserve is that is ever-changing! The quantities, bases, and colorways available are regularly refreshed – you never know what hidden gems you may find in the shop! We are restocking the shop as inventory permits and our hope is that you continue to check back often to see what we have posted. Who knows what surprises you’ll find!

A few important items to keep in mind…

  • Plucky Reserve will not replace our pre-order blog updates, Classics, other clubs or even RTS (Ready To Ship) updates – it’s just a new way to shop! These updates are still the best way to get exactly what you want! We absolutely love to custom dye just for you in the quantities you need – for those projects you’ve had in mind and to make sure you have the quantity, colorway, and base your heart desires for that perfect Plucky project!
  • Plucky Reserve is another buying style designed with you in mind! It is the perfect addition to our blog updates and fast paced Etsy Instant Gratification updates. It’s also for those that want to try a new base before committing to a sweater quantity, or need a quick skein (or several) to whip up a hat or give as a gifts.
  • Plucky Reserve yarns are not OHW’s (one hit wonders). These are all the same Plucky yarns and colors you are accustomed to.
  • While it does not happen often and although there may be multiple skeins and even some sweater quantities in the same color and base, there could be slight variations due to the skeins being dyed at different times. Should you order multiples of a colorway on the same base, and there are matching skeins available, we will always do our best to send you the best matches available.
  • Shipping of your Plucky Reserve yarn will be within (4) business days after placing your order. The shipping rates that you are accustomed to during our regular updates will apply.
  • Due to careful inventory procedures, we will not be able to change or cancel an order once it has been placed.
  • Quantities are limited and will change frequently, but you’ll be able to see precisely what is available at that particular moment. Be sure to check back often!
  • Please note: There are no guarantees regarding predictability, availability, quantity, or restocking frequency. You can be sure, however, we will keep the Reserve stocked the best we can. Also, there will be no advance notice, and sales will be limited to stock on hand. And, this is exciting(!!), there may be one-of-a-kind or seasonal items in the shop as time allows.

Thank you, again, for shopping in Plucky Reserve. We are so excited to bring you another way to experience Plucky!

As always, we are happy to help you! If you have any questions, please reference our FAQ or email us at customer service and we will do our best to serve you.

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