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Plucky Price Increase

It is almost impossible to believe (for me anyway) that primo has been around for almost three years now. Three Years!. Seems like just yesterday (I sound like a mom talking about her baby) I committed to my first shipment of my very own custom base. Holy buckets but I was scared (in fact I still get a little antsy every time I place an order – the quantities I am obligated to just do that to me) but fast forward to today.

Today I need to talk to you about a price increase.

Primo – three year old primo – has never had a price increase. In fact none of the Plucky custom bases have ever had a price increase. However, Plucky has absorbed no less than four price increases on base yarn as well as postal increases and other transportation cost increases.

Long story short…. in May there will be a price increase across the Plucky bases, especially on the whole Primo line. Worsted included. Primo Worsted will be brought in line with the price of all other Primo bases. Please know I/we are doing everything we can to continue to make this an affordable luxury.

I do not have all the information right now to offer you as far as final prices, etc. That is being worked out and more information will be forthcoming as soon as possible. We do not take this lightly and want it to be manageable for all – for you, our dear Plucky friend/customer and for Plucky.  We wanted to let you know this right away as I want you to have time to plan.

Thank you so much for, well, everything.

Very sincerely,

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