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Plucky Pop-Up!

You’re Invited to a Plucky Pop-Up!!

Once again, Plucky is expanding! While we’ll still be doing all the ‘heavy-lifting’ at the Plucky Barn, we decided it was high-time we added additional space. Something ‘pretty’ and, (cough, cough), presentable. A place for Hayley and I to have our offices, host meetings, conduct photoshoots (this is where we shot Plucky Capsule No. 1), and throw special events!

We are endearingly calling our new space, Plucky H2 (“2nd Headquarters”). Plucky H2 is a two-story, brownstone located in the heart of our small town in Hastings, MI. It’s a classic building with so many charming qualities like exposed brick and tall windows. But of course, once we moved in, we Pluck’d it up!


Plucky H2 is not a traditional storefront or something that will have regular business hours and be open to the public. However, it will be a unique space to nurture our creativity and host special events. And to celebrate the grand opening of Plucky H2, along with our 11th Anniversary, we are hosting a Plucky Pop-Up!

The Plucky Crew, Hayley and I would love to welcome you to our small town! Please join us Friday and Saturday, June 1-2, 2018 in Hastings, Michigan for our first ever Plucky Pop-Up at our new creative space, Plucky H2.



What can you expect from the weekend (and Hastings!) you might ask? Well, for starters, Hastings is a quintessential small town for sure. It does not have all the conveniences of a big city and Plucky H2 isn’t at all like an Amway Grand (the large and ever so lovely hotel where we host the Shindig) but we do have many special things planned for you. And so does Hastings!

Expect new colors, new bases, new patterns, pop-up demonstrations from the Plucky Crew, Plucky-themed cocktails (even a special craft beer!), wine tastings, great food, lots of laughs, camaraderie, and of course PUPPIES! And did someone say KAL?!



As a bonus, Plucky H2 has a variety of delightful stores and restaurants as our neighbors. During the Pop-Up weekend some of them will be hosting special events and store specials just for your arrival. It seems everyone in town knows that our Plucky pals are coming, and they can’t wait to meet you!

Below is a schedule of events that will be taking place. Please note that some of these are ticketed events and those tickets will be sold prior to the Pop-Up weekend.


*Tickets for the Cocktail Event and Plucky Classics Double Feature
will go on sale, Friday, April 20th at Noon EDT on the Plucky Blog.





We are SO excited for this and really hope you can come visit. If you plan to attend, please RSVP at THIS LINK. It will be so helpful to know how may be attending!


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