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Plucky GRAY Friday!



We all know that Black Friday is a great day. It preceeds Cyber Monday and is a good day to save – but wait… what is Gray Friday??!!

With Black Friday next weekend, in Plucky fashion we thought we’d start the sale-a-palooza early and have our own GRAY FRIDAY starting today, at 9AM EST, in the Plucky Reserve!! We have some fun things planned for you … but first we have some exciting news…. 




Primo, oh how we love thee! You were our first custom base and you have been a consistent and true friend! We all know the feeling of loving something so much and just wanting to have a little bit more, so in true Plucky style, that’s what we are doing – giving you more Primo Fingering per skein!

We are excited to introduce our new 115g / 440 yard skeins! 55 MORE YARDS, and for only $1 more. Going forward starting on Monday November 19th, all pre-orders and subscriptions will be featuring the new 115g / 440 yards per skein and will retail for $30.

BUT FIRST, our Gray Friday Special – we’ll be selling the remaining 385 yard skeins in the Reserve for only $24!!

• Primo Fingering Ready to Ship Skeins  =  $24.00





Druthers Kits!
• Bello Fingering – 5 Skein Kit (1CC1+2CC2+2CC3)  =  $155.00
• Feet – 4 Skein Kit (1CC1+1CC2+2CC3)  =  $80.00
• Oxford 1.0 – 3 Skein Kit (1CC1+1CC2+1CC3)  =  $81.00
• Primo Fingering – 5 Skein Kit (1CC1+2CC2+2CC3)  =  $120.00
• Snug Fingering – 5 Skein Kit (1CC1+2CC2+2CC3)  =  $125.00
• Sophisticate – 3 Skein Kit (1CC1+1CC2+1CC3)  =  $75.00
• Sophisticate – 6 Skein Kit (2CC1+2CC2+2CC3)  =  $150.00
• Trusty Fingering – 5 Skein Kit (1CC1+2CC2+2CC3)  =  $90.00

Please note: Pattern is not included, but can be found here.





Micro Batch Sale!

Just what is Micro Batch? They could be colorways we have developed  and decided to go a different direction with, perhaps us just having some fun and playing with dye. Either way, it’s lovely yarn and one-of-a-kind! Definitely a Mico Batch!

• Micro Batch Ready to Ship Skeins  =  $5 off regular price




Cashmere Mystery Kits!
3 Skein Kit Includes Complementary 4th skein
4 Skein Kit Includes Complementary 5th skein + A One Hit wonder

• 3 Skein Mystery Kit (includes complementary 4th skein)  =  $79.00
• 4 Skein Mystery Kit (includes complementary 5th skein + 1 OHW!)  =  $99.00
• 3 Skein Cashmere Mystery Kit (includes complimentary 4th skein)  =  $189.00
• 4 Skein Cashmere Mystery Kit (includes complementary 5th skein + 1 OHW!)  =  $249.00

Please note: Cashmere Mystery Kits will contain one or more of the following bases: Groovy, Spiffy, Lusso, Cashmere mixed base

Helpful Information:

  • Please join us in the Plucky Reserve November 16th starting at 9:00 AM EST and going through the day, while supplies last!
  • This update will ship according to our Reserve shipping guidelines, within 4 business days.

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