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Plucky Fellas & A Shop Update ~

It has been a while since the last shop update and I want to thank you for your patience with me during the extended radio silence.

How about we start things off nice and easy. I am thinking it is just about the right time for an update which will take place tomorrow, Thursday, March 8th at Noon Eastern and include FREE SHIPPING plus the following:

Pre-orders of Primo Sport, Primo Worsted, Plucky Feet and Rustic in various new(er) repeatables and some of your favorite oldies but goodies (Honey Wilkes, Icey Audrey or Tavern On The Blue anyone?).

I am happy to say there will be Color Affection kits available in Plucky Feet. I’m still a little short on Primo Fingering and will have to offer Color Affection Kits in Primo Fingering at a later date (it’s coming soon, really it is).

A new club: Plucky Fellas ~ yarn for your inner tomboy. FYI~ yarn club spots will be for sale in the ‘Plucky Feet’ category in tomorrow’s update.

All the colors in the new club will be fella/guy/tomboy inspired colors. For socks and/or accessories us neutral loving guys and gals just love to wear. What you won’t find? Pink, purple, aqua. What will you find? Loads of neutrals with a kick, all on Plucky Feet. The shipments will ship every other month (March, May & July) and instead of being subscription based club, I’m going to offer spots in the store and it will ship the end of this month.

So, to clarify, tomorrow I will offer only the March shipment of Plucky Fellas. The May shipment will be offered in the shop near the end of April and the July shipment will be offered in the shop at the end of June.

Important: Shipping for the pre-orders and CA kits will ship by March 23rd. Shipping of Plucky Fellas will ship by March 31st.

Thank you very much for your continued interest and support. It means the world to me.

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