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Plucky Black Friday – Preview!



Where ever you may be we hope this week finds you cozy, comfy, and ready to knit like the wind!  Every year like clockwork, right about this time, all of us catch the “Gotta Have & MUST Knit It Now” fever. You know, quick knits for ourselves and for the special people in our lives. After all, we cannot have our nearest and dearest walking around with cold noggins, necks, and hands now can we?! Good news, we are ready to help!

With Black Friday only a couple days away, we wanted to share with you a preview of what we have in store for you! These specials will start at 9:00 AM EST on Friday, November 23rd, 2018 in the Plucky Reserve and progress throughout the day.




Last week we highlighted Primo Fingering with a special price to make room for the new 440 yard skeins. This week we thought we would do the same thing with Primo Worsted! We have a great selection on-hand and ready to ship so get it while you can. It won’t last long at the discounted price of $24!




Mystery Cashmere Kits!
Cashmere Mystery Kits will contain a mix of one or more of the following bases: Cashmere, Cachet, Groovy, Groovy, Baby!, Spiffy, Spiffy Lace, or Lusso.

• Mystery Cashmere 3 skein kits (+1 complimentary skein) = $189
• Mystery Cashmere 4 skein kits (+1 complimentary skein + 1 OHW) = $249




Micro Batch Sale!

Just what is Micro Batch? They could be colorways we have developed and decided to go a different direction with, perhaps us just having some fun and playing with dye. Either way, it’s lovely yarn and one-of-a-kind! Definitely a Micro Batch!

• Micro Batch Ready to Ship Skeins  =  $5 off the regular price




Tasting Menus!
These are a great option for anyone who has yet to try the range of bases we offer. They are a mystery, but you can always leave notes on your color preferences and we will do our best to grant your wishes. They will be available in 3, 7, 11, 23 and 37 skein quantities. That’s right!! Thirty Seven skeins…. one each of all our current bases, including Beauregard, Beauregard Aran, Cachet, Cashmere, Groovy, Groovy Baby, Halo, Halo Worsted, Lusso, Phoebe, Spiffy, and Spiffy Lace bases!

• 3 Skein Tasting Menu = $73
• 7 Skein Tasting Menu = $157
• 11 Skein Tasting Menu = $233
• 23 Skein Tasting Menu = $449
• 37 Skein Tasting Menu = $673





Luxury Mystery Kits!
Luxury Mystery Kits will contain a mix of one or more of the following bases: Halo, Halo Worsted, Phoebe, Beauregard, Beauregard Aran, Yakkity, Yakkity Aran.

3 Skein Kit (+1 Complimentary Skein) = $99.00
4 Skein Kit (+1 Complimentary Skein + 1 OHW) = $129.00


Stay tuned throughout the day for the possibility of additional offerings!

Sarah, Hayley and the whole Plucky Crew


Helpful Information:

  • Please join us in the Plucky Reserve November 23rd starting at 9:00 AM EST and going throughout the day, while supplies last!
  • This update will ship according to our Reserve shipping guidelines, within 4 business days.

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