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One Dish Delish! WINNERS


I’m hungry! All contests are fun, but those that involve cooking are double the pleasure. Reading the recipes in the One Dish Delish thread has yielded a wealth of new ideas. Who would ever have thought of putting an entire jar of grape jelly over a pork roast? One recipe even specified that the ingredients were best when dumped into a bowl with polka dots. Who knew? I loved some of the really healthy entries. A lot of us substitute ground turkey for beef, but we also had a chili recipe that called for elk. Now, there is something that is probably not in your local grocery store!

Without further ado, I am declaring winners in several categories:

BEST MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD goes to [K8linlight], post #125, and her Dad’s Onion Soup. Her words painted a beautiful picture of family life and security.

BEST STEW THAT I WANT TO MAKE ASAP goes to [Jeanyholt], post #173, for her Apple Cider Stew made with apple cider, veggies galore and an apple! Her instructions let you choose between slow cooking for 11-12 hours, turning the crock-pot up and cooking for 5 ½ -6 hours, or on the stovetop for 2 ½ hours.

BEST ENTRY THAT BOB IS GOING TO FLIP OVER goes to [Shewhodoestoomuch], post #59, and her French Dip Sandwiches. She has described a perfect day in Bob’s world, where he can work outside all day, take a late afternoon walk with the pups and come home to making a meal of a hearty sandwich that has been cooking all day and has lots and lots of juice for dipping.

BEST APPLE CAKE THAT I KNOW I AM GOING TO LOVE goes to [Splendorfalls], post #105, for her Cinnamon Apple Cake. She says this cake is great made the night before and served for breakfast or as a perfect end to any meal. Apples and cinnamon are perfect any time in my book.

SPECIAL AWARD FOR EXTRAORDINY EFFORTS goes to [Simopaini], post # 138, for her Lasagne Di Zucca. Not only is this a fabulous sounding dish, but Simona also took the time to translate every single word for those of us who do not speak Italian. And, she provided many links to illustrate exactly how the various ingredients should look. WOW!

Again, thanks to all who entered. I think we all win, because there were just so many fabulous ideas and inspiration from those who contributed. We invite the winners to contactpluckycustomerservice@gmail.com with “Winner – One Dish Delish Contest” in the subject line so we can send you a prize!


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