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North Port

north port collage

We started the planning for the collection way back in July – we still cannot believe it’s finally here and I can’t begin to tell you how much your enthusiastic and very warm reception to our new collection means to us so I’ll just say THANK YOU!!!  Now it’s time to begin sharing details, inspiration and ways to make the All Bundled Up projects unique to you!

Today, let’s talk about Northport.

Northport is a fingering weight Fair Isle hat. One of the great things about Fair Isle is that it uses very small amounts of contrast colors, that when knit up produce an interesting fabric that tells a story. Our Northport tells of endless lake effect snow showers (so it seems) and frost in the air.

This pattern is the perfect example of not necessarily needing to follow the color placements and suggested base to the letter. One of our sample knitters reports that she has no idea what precise bases or exact colors she has used in knitting her Northport. She keeps a bag of all those little leftovers from other projects (don’t we all and aren’t they fun!), sorted only by weight.  So, for quite some time she has been putting all the left over Feet, Primo Fingering, and Bello into one container of fingering yarns and as she would come to an element in the chart that needs a new color, she just looks into the scrap bag for inspiration.  She might may have wanted to use pink as her big snowflake, and she may spy four different pinks in that bag. Base?  Not sure.  Plucky color?  Who knows – maybe Miss Manners? Maybe it’s Mini Skirt. Talk about knitting by the seat of your pants!

Of course if that’s a little too zany for you, we have provided details of colors used in our knits shown above on the North Port pattern page or, maybe you like one of the colorway sets shown below. But, just maybe, you have been inspired to dig into your leftovers!


northport collage

northport collage 2

northport collage 3

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