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New Colorways


Cobbler – who doesn’t love the smell of a warm blueberry cobbler, bubbling away in the over? Here is a soft blue grey green that is finished with a delicate wash of blueberry. You know how blueberries get ‘that look’? Here is the plucky yarn interpretation.


VSOP – Sometimes, we just need to warm ourselves from the inside out. Sipping on a snifter of V.S.O.P. brandy will do the trick – Ryan swears by it! Now, you can warm yourself from the outside in with this rich (but subtle) golden/red/brown brandy color.


Attache – This promises to become a go-to burgundy/brown, rich and ready for fall. Now I just want boots to match!!


Letterhead – Another player in the Plucky “Neutrals” group, this is a little burgundy, little bit mid tone brown leaning grey, or is it a grey leaning brown? Letterhead is perfect as a stand alone and will play beautifully when paired with others. Clear as mud. I know! But, hey that’s part of the charm.

Soft As An Easy Chair.jpg

Soft As An Easy Chair – This is a deep, rich, green with a wash of deep navy to give it great depth and substance. It is a green that promises to be flattering on a multitude of individual skin tones and hair colors.

Goin Steady.jpg

Goin’ Steady – It’s redder than Hotsy Totsy and pinker than Mani-Pedi. This is a very big and incredibly rich and juicy raspberry. It is bold enough to be a show stopper if you make it the main color in your next sweater, or the perfect bit of totally unexpected pop when used as a single stripe in something a bit more understated.

Club Chair.jpg

Club Chair – This is a great new plucky brown. A bit more middle of the road brown shall we say. Not as warm as Rye or Chocolate Crinkle but not as cool as, say, Sock Monkey. Just a great brown. Like a Club Chair is just a great chair! It’s not too dark, not too light, not too cool and not too warm…. but just right!

Silver Queen.jpg

Silver Queen – It’s no secret how much I love grey and here is another winner! A very neutral grey with darker grey undertones and then something just a little unexpected and elusive – a slightly warm leaning blue gray underneath it all. Silver Queen will work with just about everything!

These new colorways will be available in the next blog update. In the meantime I thought a little eye candy might be in order on this fine Summer Saturday. Have a great weekend!

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