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Need a kick in the pants~

Ever have those times when you are bit more taken with yarn, knitting books and blogs as opposed to actual knitting? I think I am having one of “those” times. Real question is – how do you get in gear so to speak?

Do you just keeping plugging along until you get your zing back? Do you tackle a project that you never would normally, or think is out of your reach? Perhaps join a KAL or Secret Exchange – that sounds fun….

Don’t let my angst fool you, I am in no danger of not knitting (can’t imagine my life without it!) – just a bit aimless at the moment.

However, I think I must start this ~ from Wendy at Knit and Tonic

That kicky little sweater plus some new sock yarn might just be the ticket! But if any of you wise knitters out there have a cure for what ails me, let me know.

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