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My Dearest Friends

Dearest friends,

It is with very mixed emotions that I share with you the new journey upon which Plucky has embarked.  Plucky has been my life focus for the last twelve years.  It has been such an honor and privilege to see Plucky grow from the back burner of my stove to an industry leader in the knitting world.

It has been a time of incredibly hard work, amazing creativity, and truly priceless friendships.  You have helped me build a business filled with camaraderie, creativity, personality, heart, and soul.  These things can be such a rarity in today’s world, but, can and will continue on because of all of you! However, I now am at a point where I need more balance in my life. It’s time I made myself and my health a priority. For that reason, and after giving it much thought, I’ve decided to step aside and completely turn over the reins.  I know the entire Plucky crew will work diligently to make the change in ownership a smooth transition, as they worked and supported me through the years.


During the coming months, I will still be behind the scenes helping and supporting my darling and very talented sister, Hayley, who remains a key part of the Plucky Crew, in any way that I can.

I hope you will join me in wishing the entire Plucky Crew (Gosh I love those guys!) continued success as they go forward.

Until we meet again, someday, somewhere…. Happy knitting!!! 


Sincerely and with more gratitude and affection than I can possibly convey. 



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