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Moving right along~


Things are really chugging along here behind the scenes at the studio. I wanted to get you up to speed on a few things:

1. Classics sign-ups. Waiting for final confirmation from Seth. Announcement is imminent.

2. Charleston Tea kits – this close to being ready for shipping. They are going to be shipping on-time and probably even rolling out in waves a wee bit early.

3. Friday’s etsy update will begin shipping tomorrow (all ready to ship items from Friday’s update).

4. Cecily’s sweater kit – again, waiting for final confirmation from Seth. That Seth is one hard working fella!

5. Color affection kits – it all goes back to Seth. We’ve had him hopping. : )

6. Pre-orders from 4/29 also this close to being ready. Begin leaving the studio in waves Thursday/Friday.

You know how it is when you step back for a bit and have the chance to really stop and think? Well, when you are driving through Nebraska late at night (and you have finished listening to Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe…. high brow literature they are not, but entertaining – oh yes they are) all you do is think.

There was a lot of thought and discussion (Hayley was a captive audience. She may or may not have wanted to jump out of the car on I80) about what has been working well and what has not been working so well (Plucky shop, again, I’m talking to you).

So, long story short, several new things in the works (again, thank you Seth) and details coming soon.

Please forgive the ramble-y list. All you really need to know is we are working hard to get you yarn regularly and easily and, along the way, give me fewer shop related headaches so I can come up with more new things for you! After all it’s all about the yarn, fiber (yes, it’s coming, I promise!), kits and, well, our lovely little community.

Happy Tuesday~


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