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Mannequin Monday – Druthers


Hey, hey, hey! It’s Mannequin Monday!

And today’s pick is…Druthers!


There is something extra special about today’s Mannequin Monday… Druthers was originally released in 2017 as a exclusive Plucky Kit, and today the pattern is now available for download!!


Peanut butter and jelly. Tom and Jerry. Bread and butter. Lucy and Ethel. All classic pairings! But, if we had our druthers, there’s a pairing that begs to be added to that list…texture and stripes! Introducing, Druthers! We are completely smitten with this little beauty and what’s not to love?! This one checks all of the boxes for us…fabulous texture sections, super fun blocks of stripes, and endless possibilities for 3 color pairings! Add to all of this your favorite fingering base, and, well…you do the math!


Awe! Look at baby Phoebe!!

Sample show in knit in colors Peninsula, Happy Glamper and Bespoke. Sample at top of post is in colors Morticia, Grimace, and Sketch.



For more details and to purchase, please visit the pattern page.

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