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long time no see~

Stitches Collage

And we’re back! I don’t even know where to begin~

1. Stitches was great! Fantastic fun to see some old knitting friends and make new ones.

2. I have been overcome with a fresh wave of inspiration and a need to try new things. Kate was so sweet and let me try on her cute hooded vest and I immediately fell in love. I’m swatching now (using the brand spankin’ new Plucky Bulky!) and gearing up for my first bottom-up knit (I’ve been a dyed in the wool – no pun intended – fan of top-down knits forever).

3. Olga’s Aranami (there was a test knit at the booth) was a huge hit. I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of Aranami’s knit up soon.

4. Lonesome Highway was, I think, the favorite gray of the weekend. So many people walked away with that as their gray of choice.

5. Color Affection. So many color affection fans stopped by the booth to show their FO’s and to get kits to make new versions. What fun to see all the CA’s out in the wild and to help others put together their very own custom CA kit.

6. Truly (really!) looking forward to being back at the studio bright and early tomorrow morning. The creative juices are flowing again, have emails to send, yarn to ship and a sneak-update to have! Which, brings me to…..

Thought it would be great to kick off the week with a very festive ‘Even if you couldn’t make it to Stitches you’ll feel like you were there’ shop update. The update will be full of many of your favorites as well the new Plucky Tee’s, Knitters With Plucky totes and, back by popular demand, the Plucky knitter ruler/needle gauge…. and free shipping too!

The etsy shop update will be a sneak-update and, begin tomorrow morning, Monday, August 20th around 10:00 a.m. Eastern and go throughout the day. As per usual, I will keep you updated as to the goings on of the update (beginning, end, breaks, etc.) in the Plucky group on Ravelry and the Plucky Facebook page.

collage after


It’s great to be back. Wishing you a great day and a lovely week ahead.


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