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like, totally tubular~

Happy Monday everyone~

The Plucky Knitter retreat is over and I think I can safely say that a great time was had by all!

When prepping for the retreat I made doubly sure there would be enough to go around at the retreat and then enough to share with all of you! So, it’s time for an update tonight at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. To make it easy, let’s just say there will be a nice mixture of, well, a bit of everything.

The bulk of the update will be made up of ready-to-ship items. However, there will be a small amount of pre-orders (shipping 5/4) available in several new colorways: Bleu, Olive Bar, Papyrus, The Road Home and Less Traveled.

Also available in the update tonight is the new Valley Girl yarn club. Much like Plucky Fellas and Hippie Chic, this one promises to be just a crazy fun time. Trust me, this is so not wallflower yarn. Please note: Valley Girl, Plucky Fellas and Hippie Chic will all ship April 30th.

Plucky Valley Girl



Papyrus - a repeatable


Bleu - a repeatable


Less Traveled - a repeatable

Less Traveled

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