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Meet PLEASANT PHEASANT! Such a fun color on Solo! But, as gorgeous as ‘Pheasant’ is on Solo, it does not work on some of the other bases. As much as we would love to say this colorway can be all things to all bases, sadly, it can’t. And, this is true of many other Plucky colors.

Through the years, as our Plucky colors and bases have been developed, we have tried to be as inclusive as possible to the individual preferences of each one of you. There are some who love that the same color can look wildly different when dyed on different bases. However, for others, this can be extremely disappointing and frustrating. Please know that it is disappointing and frustrating for us as well! For instance, if you compare Primo vs. Traveler vs. Snug vs. Beauregard and use the exact same recipe, one end product will differ significantly (sometimes baring little to no resemblance at all) from another.

We are currently and actively addressing some quality issues that have crept up on us. In an effort to concentrate on the art we love and are proud to share with you, we will be changing and improving some processes. We will no longer be offering all colorways on all bases. When new colorways are released, or we are creating lists of colorways to highlight in an update, we will only be offering the base and color combinations we believe best represent the vision and inspiration we had when we created each of them. To be clear, we most definitely want to know what your wishes are. For example, if you want to see Pleasant Pheasant on Solo added to an update, you bet! However, if you are looking for that colorway on Beauregard, that is a wish we will not be able to grant.


What does all of this really mean? Well, simply put, it’s time for a few changes, such as, the recent addition of more specialized updates! The positive feedback has been wonderful. We are glad that you know that we realize that while Tuesday might be a Blues & Browns update and Thursday a sweater kit update, that does not mean both updates will fit with everyone’s plans or wishes, and that’s ok!


We appreciate your loyalty, your friendship, and your business. It is in this vein that we are making every effort to be sure that the yarn you receive is exactly what your vision was when you ordered it. We will always continue to strive to be as inclusive as possible to the individual preferences of each one of you.



Sarah & Hayley

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