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Last IG of 2013!

Here is the plan!  I am going to rock this 2013 year’s end with two gigantic Fridayupdates one right after the other. Are you ready?

FIRST up is this Friday, the 13th at 10:00 a.m. (EST), a HUGE mystery kits offering in the Etsy shop.  You asked for it and I want to deliver!  You want kits and I love putting them together, so one-two, everybody wins.  Boy, I love it when that happens.

Included will be:

Mystery Blanket kits in Worsted & Rustic
Mystery mixed base listings
Mystery Primo Sport (3) skein listings
Mystery Traveler Aran (3) skein listings
Mystery Ashburn, Bees To Honey & Alpha Chi kits (just a few & including the pattern!)
Mystery What A Riot (just a few and a few of them may include 2ply cashmere lace as the accent! Pattern not included.)
Mystery sweater sets
Mystery Polar Opposite kits

There will also be Cozy for sale but they will be listings for (2) mystery skeins. It could be two of the same color or two different colors. And, it will be a sale listing at $45. $5 off!

Wait……there’s more!

There definitely will be single (non mystery) skeins of your favorite bases in your favorite plucky colors. Even some SQ’s to be had.  I’ll be loading them in as fast as my fingers will allow so be sure to refresh your screens often and please be patient with me as I load the shop; trust me, there is a lot to offer up to you tomorrow!


More details to come next week regarding the update on the 20th as well.  Be sure to stay-tuned!

PLEASE NOTE: Patterns for Ashburn, Bees To Honey & Alpha Chi kits will be emailed within 24-48 hours after the update has completed to the email associated with the PayPal account used to complete your purchase.  It will not be available as an immediate Ravelry download nor will hard copies of the pattern be sent with the yarn.  Yarn for the update will ship within a week’s time according to Plucky shipping policies

Thank you, all of you, for your warmth and enthusiasm!Sarah and the Plucky team

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