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It’s Monday


Always on high alert.





Hey, hey it’s Monday!

How’s every little thing today? Enjoying this gorgeous weather!? It’s high time is all we have to say about that around here.

  1. There were a few stragglers of the second part ‘It’s No Joke’ and they are leaving today!
  2. We have kit coming up with Knitterella on Wednesday! Teaser pics coming right up and, get this, it features your beloved Lodge Fingering! And, of course, several other fingering weight options.
  3. Small Batch No. 014. If you love Skies of November, pops of Sticky Toffee a little gray and some scummy bits… this one is for you! The first skeins of it will be available at the Wool & Honey trunk show this weekend. And definitely coming up in a blog update near you!
  4. Mystery Small Batch shipping is what I’ll be up to today and tomorrow. That and putting color kits together for Jill’s kit release this week. I’m thinking one or two options with small batch (available on Primo, Bello, Feet and Single only) would be a great idea!
  5. A little note about me posting things here, there and everywhere (well everywhere being IG). Some are teasers/spoilers, some are posts of things I’m working on or Hayley’s working on, some it just random life. Please know, I’ll always fill you in on the details – they may just not all be available when I post to IG or I might not be ready to divulge quite yet. But, you’ll always be looped in.
  6. There’s more to come this gorgeous Monday – but first, more coffee.




Wanderlust on Bello, Small Batch No. 014 on Primo Fingering & Good Old Days on Feet



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