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It’s Monday



Good morning!

I hope your weekend was a doughnut (insert any of your chosen treats) filled delight! Mine was not only filled with doughnuts (still coming down off the sugar – evil stuff I tell you. E V I L.) but the most delightfully awesome, completely not planned meet-up you could ever imagine. Out for tacos and who were we sat right next to? Ann and her pal. I love them. I’ve not had the privilege of meeting Kay but I sure hope to meet her some day!




But why are you in TN you might wonder? I won’t bore you with details but it all started with a hole in the wall (several years ago I might add) at the house and ended with ‘you need to not live here for a week or so’ so I checked out airbnb for a place that takes pups and we hit the road for Nashville. Easy drive, I can get a giant chunk of work done in some quiet (it can be a funny thing working on super wooly knits/yarn/designs when it’s high summer but think ahead we must!) and they have biscuits. I’m joking a lot here. It’s actually been a pretty stressful time so a change of scenery was not only physically necessary it was good for the peace of mind too.

And in other news this week….

  1. Shhh. I don’t want to spook it, but I think all that casting on and knitting two rows or ‘swatch fest, the spring 2016 edition’ might be history. Saturday afternoon I was forced (by my own self though a little shamed by my darling sister as well) to just keep going and I’m so glad that I am.
  2. Calligraphy though pretty heavily modified from the get go. I’m playing yarn chicken and I know that sounds funny coming from me but I only have the three skeins of No. 013 (small batch really is small!) on hand and I don’t want to run out! The struggle. It’s really real
  3. This week is a big big shipping week. Classics at the end of the week! The rest of the IG shipping.
  4. Shoes. These are like sandal versions of sneakers. Not nearly as high as they look – right around 2” with a 1.25” platform. I’m not known for my graceful tendencies (my husband regularly wishes he had a video montage of all the ‘trips’ I’ve taken over the years) so I’m not a super high heel/platform kind of gal. These are game changers for me! So so comfy!!! Great summer kick around shoe price point and cute colors! I also love these and these and these.



Photo doesn’t really do them justice. Really cute on!

Have a great week and stay cool!





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