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It’s been a long time coming….

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Way back when (February, 2008 to be exact) I met Kit and John at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival. It was one of those moments where you see something, or someone, and you just know that you are going to click. From that day on we both knew that we would love to work together one day.

Then again in October of 2009, Kit and John were so sweet to have me to the island for a small trunk show (way before the primo days) and, again, we just knew we wanted to expand a grown into a partnership but the timing just wasn’t quite right on our end. But, now……

Churchmouse plucky collage trunk show

Curchmouse pluckyPhoto courtesy Churchmouse Yarns & Teas

NOW, I am so happy to announce and extend a huge thank you and to Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, on Bainbridge Island in Washington, as they begin to offer Plucky Primo Fingering in ten Churchmouse exclusive colors!

Please join Churchmouse at their website to see the ten exclusive Plucky colors we have put together for their inaugural Plucky offering. The supply is very limited, so you may want to hurry! Again, please note that the colorways are exclusive to Churchmouse and will not be available directly from Plucky.

Our very warmest wishes to Churchmouse. It’s great to be honorary mice – this is going to be fun!


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