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It’s About Time ~


I  strive to  be a person that keeps my word – so I am happy to say that I  have begun knitting two socks at a time – but instead of two circs – it’s Magic Loop. I’ve always been a sock on two circs gal, but this weekend I learned two at a time with ML – I LOVE it. Well, perhaps, I am more in love with the idea of having a pair of socks (and loving the idea of not being ridiculed by friends and family any  longer over all the mis-matched knit socks that currently occupy space at the Plucky House). Warning: It can be a bit wonky at first, but stick with it – you will be glad you did. (I’ll post pics of the progress later….proof is in the pudding, as they say).

In other news….it has begun anew. Dyeing that is. Tomorrow and Tuesday (have a couple days off from my regular job) will be occupied with dyeing, dyeing up a storm for a little project I’m working on. Also, in addition to the Loopy order, there will be an update at the etsy shop too. Some of my colorways will be repeated and I will be unveiling some new colorways.

Then, in completely non-related knitting and dyeing news… I have been bawling my eyes out tonight because of this. Cried like a  baby.  

So, where were you  when you heard the news? Me?  We had been shopping for my sister’s wedding dress and stopped at a restaurant afterwards –  CNN was on at the bar  and I read that she had  been in accident. Of course, they didn’t have sound on  the T.V.  but I begged, pleaded and, finally, badgered the bartender and he gave me the remote so I could turn up the volume and hear what was going on. That got everyone’s attention and soon a crown gathered and we watched it all unfold. I am such a nerd…… Should have seen me when JFK, Jr. died. Oy.

10mar2007-030.jpg  Because when I don’t have a specific picture for the post I just put up a picture of Sam….what a face….

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